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Monday, August 23, 2010

May Flowers Brought Rayne

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I suppose the past few weeks have been wearing thin.
Memorial Day Weekend, Used to bring such happy thoughts
even today it happens to be my Anniversary weekend.
That even got spoiled by all the viciousness that alcohol infused partying and then of course the obligatory fight will bring. Then the guns come out. Usually it's a figure of speech.
this time not so. Why was that gun out? Why was it loaded and within the reach of a drunk, hell; 3 drunks?
No one will know. Because she's not talking, she just shut her mouth took a plea and snuck quietly off to jail to sit and wait. Not too sure what she's waiting on Because it's a matter of time and he's going to be right next to her. Stupid fool, dragged my grandmother
miles and miles back & forth since my Grandfather passed August 11 last year.
SO tell me then at 86 years old, How one comes to die sitting a chair out back; drinking a beer? from a single gunshot wound to the chest?
She wouldn't let us say good bye to my grandfather and now I never said good bye to her. How many people are just going to disappear from my life without so much as a GOOD BYE...
That was just June.. then comes July!
 Fireworks officially suck now : July 8, Heather's birthday,should have been her 27th.
5 years
It has really been 5 years ?

Some days I feel her so close and others so far away.
A memory. a glimpse of her smile on the face of a stranger.
The smell of her perfume drifts across the room very heavy then
gently fades away.
Sometimes I hear you call to me.
I'm doing my best to hold on to

some sliver of hope we will get answers

This brings us to August
just another month of school starting back and
Emma-Hope Rayne Skeen will be 5
on August 24,2010

I did try to get your mother to give me an address. She feels I have no need to send you gifts or
happies. That is such a shame too, I have many things i would love to send to YOU.

butterfly myspace graphics Know Heather is always with you.

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