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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Lost and The Found

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RePosted from My Ranting & Raving because I actually posted this in the wrong place...

I leave next Wednesday to meet my Mother and Brothers to inture my father's cremains at Arlington National Cemetary... It will be a bittersweet day. I miss him but I know he is in a better, Happy place, Painfree. He lived a good life and was a Good Man. I am proud to have been his daughter. Rest in Perfect Peace Daddy, Until we meet again~ I Love You

Damn, It's been a year again..

So much for all the great stuff going on in my world. Just living day in day out.

I did get engaged, after 7 years of living together and now we are about to hit the 9 year mark!
That has been the sole joy in my life to finally marry the man I have only dreamt existed in just over a year. I can't think of a better way to start off my 50th year than planning a wedding.
My other Joy: My son finally came to Hawaii to live.

He has come so far in a little over a year. Sadly he too has had a lot of changes, moving here to sudden culture shock, losing his father 2 months later, going back & realizing the people who you thought were your "friends" really weren't. I hurt so badly for him when his childhood friends couldn't find time (in the course of a week) to come see him or come to the funeral home. Loosing his girlriend and missing his daughter like crazy. Then the family fight that is inevitable at every funeral. I really think it's obligatory at this point in time. If you don't have some kind of drama it isn't a real funeral now is it?

My father seemed like he was doing really good while we were there in late November fast forward to March 2012. (yes, I had to fly again, ugh) I went home to take care of some things and of course see my parents. Dad was doing well, talking to us, sharing, making jokes and being "Dad"
I never realized as I wrapped my arms around him to tell him I goodnight my last night in MS, he said, "You go home to Drew and take care of that boy. They need you more than I do now." it would be the last time I saw my father. He put up one hell of a fight. I am at peace with his passing, he is pain free, dementia free & Parkinson's free now after almost 20 years of struggling.
Proud to know he will buried among Presidents in Arlington National Cemetery almost one year to the day of his passing.

I've lost so many people in this decade of my life. 40 started out so well, or so I thought... I guess driving through a 3 state blizzard from all directions to get to MS wasn't a sign-
shouldn't that have been a tiny clue as to the degree of crap I was going to have to get myself through for the next 10 years?

~ after my last writing my Uncle Dale, he committed suicide about 9 months after my Grand-Mother was murdered. Oh, Not because of remorse, hell no. Long story short, he was put under house arrest for charges in MS (but out on probation in the state of MO) well when MO found out he violated his probation they were going to come get his sorry ass & lock him up on his original sentence which I can't remember how long but anyway, 3 days in - he shot himself in the chest to keep himself out of jail - period.
Still left with questions... I am so sick of having so many questions and never any answers.
So over the last year I have been watching to see the traffic on all the links, and have decided to take down the network so

Today was the end of the Justice for Heather-Renee' Network on Ning. I really tried, I gave it another year to take off but I just don't have the experience to run a website.
So I will wait & leave all that up to the pros.

Bittersweet, it will save me tons of aggravation; I have had no less than 300 "members" added all spammers. Who has time for that crap? I certainly don't and I really don't see the point anyway. I suppose I was grasping at anything I could to get people talking. I knew Facebook would be that tool but so far it's worked for everything from "talking" cats, dogs, pigs, you take your pick of animal, real or imagined and they get more activity. It really really is annoying.. Really.

So, this takes me to today, I have struggled for months on what to do about the network site and actually I just give up. I have no business attempting to run a website, I have nor time or patience for all the garbage that I have to wade through on a daily basis.

It just takes energy I want to focus in other places.
So the Justice For HR Network & Justice4HR pages will stay up on Facebook
as will Heather's Fan Page
Follow us on Twitter!
So much for the last year....
I'm just happy it's over... Now
I have a wedding to plan only 515 days until I marry my BEST FRIEND!

Warmest Love & Light,

Monday, August 23, 2010

May Flowers Brought Rayne

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Butterfly Videos

I suppose the past few weeks have been wearing thin.
Memorial Day Weekend, Used to bring such happy thoughts
even today it happens to be my Anniversary weekend.
That even got spoiled by all the viciousness that alcohol infused partying and then of course the obligatory fight will bring. Then the guns come out. Usually it's a figure of speech.
this time not so. Why was that gun out? Why was it loaded and within the reach of a drunk, hell; 3 drunks?
No one will know. Because she's not talking, she just shut her mouth took a plea and snuck quietly off to jail to sit and wait. Not too sure what she's waiting on Because it's a matter of time and he's going to be right next to her. Stupid fool, dragged my grandmother
miles and miles back & forth since my Grandfather passed August 11 last year.
SO tell me then at 86 years old, How one comes to die sitting a chair out back; drinking a beer? from a single gunshot wound to the chest?
She wouldn't let us say good bye to my grandfather and now I never said good bye to her. How many people are just going to disappear from my life without so much as a GOOD BYE...
That was just June.. then comes July!
 Fireworks officially suck now : July 8, Heather's birthday,should have been her 27th.
5 years
It has really been 5 years ?

Some days I feel her so close and others so far away.
A memory. a glimpse of her smile on the face of a stranger.
The smell of her perfume drifts across the room very heavy then
gently fades away.
Sometimes I hear you call to me.
I'm doing my best to hold on to

some sliver of hope we will get answers

This brings us to August
just another month of school starting back and
Emma-Hope Rayne Skeen will be 5
on August 24,2010

I did try to get your mother to give me an address. She feels I have no need to send you gifts or
happies. That is such a shame too, I have many things i would love to send to YOU.

butterfly myspace graphics Know Heather is always with you.

Butterfly Poems

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, Facebook! Not Again...

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Repost from My Ranting Raving: Sorry if you get this twice.
Thanks for reading!
Warmest Love & Light!
Sept 20, 2009

Quote Comments & Graphics

Here we go again with FACEBOOK they still; 9 months later have Heather's original page held HOSTAGE.. we have been fighting fulitly to get SOMEONE to answer us to WHY?
Still the same garbage... PRIVACY? Who's?? certainly not Hers, or mine.
This page belongs TO ME not FACEBOOK.. I need to contact the ACLU today.
They leave up stupid groups, and let people impersonate whomever
but the one page that could mean so much.
I was just finding the people who she had last been with that last week and they shut down the page, How is that possible?

SOMEONE REPORTED THE PAGE: (their claim: I was impersonating her)

So here's another round of begging pleading and threatening FACEBOOK
and still we get NOWHERE!

PLEASE if you are her friend on the original page add the FAN PAGE and the group.
there are over 300 people on her page that have not swithched over. Please do so before I loose you all. I am adding people every day. As many as Facebook will allow me. The majority of my friends are friends of the kids. I wasn't even using Facebook for myself until this happened.
Now on to my note to them this morning..

After 3 e mails back & forth between the FB Mystery People and My mother:

His response was a repeated canned,"Sorry, We can do nothing for you; please see our list of how to go fuck yourself... this is my note to "him"


Dear Keith / Facebook Mystery Person

I need back into the account of Heather-Renee' Skarina
I have the password
I have the active email account that it goes to.

Why was this page EVER taken from me to begin with?
I have NEVER been given an real reason.
There is NO BREACH OF PRIVACY other than Facebook taking my access away on Christmas DAY 2008 ....
You took it away NOW GIVE IT BACK, how hard can that be?
or At least switch all her friends over to the FAN PAGE...

We are in the middle of a MURDER INVESTIGATION and this page was a way for me to get in touch with all of my daughter's friends. They do NOT KNOW ME BY NAME. and I live 5000 Miles away..
As soon as I found certain few people the page got shut down out of the blue....

There are other pages and groups that are all BS pages and you leave them up
but something so important as to get CLUES TO A MURDER you take away my access and tell me it's a
privacy issue?? WHO's PRIVACY are you protecting?
Certainly not mine nor Heather-Renee's
by not allowing me to move COPYRIGHTED PHOTOS from the account. This is mine and I want it back.

I suppose I will contact my friends with the ACLU and see where to go from here.
that along with our attorney and the media.

I want access to this account returned ASAP.
Thank you mother for all your help.

Leyona Goldman
Natural Mother and next of kin of The Late Heather-Renee' Skarina
Honolulu, HI 96825

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Will anyone really EVER help us?

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Myspace Comments from Candycomments.com

(* this is a repost from my other blog, sorry if you get it twice)

Today is just another day of hitting the WALL:

I have been victimized, by the very people who were/are supposed to be helping me.

It's very sad when you have to fight the people that are suppose to be fighting FOR you.

I begged for help over the years, I even had a warrant out about 10 or so years ago for all the good it did me, he lived less than 3 miles away for over a year and they did nothing to enforce my warrant or order. They told me to get pictures of him I did it, I did all the work and gave him to them on a silver platter and it did me no good.
The one time I got a tax return he quit his job and started getting paid under the table.
We drove back and forth going to court in LA for nothing when I finally got him served, he nor his attorney showed up..
Then Robert Levy, ADA let him go.. with us sitting there; he just dropped the motion.(I think he owed me something like $30-40,000 or more at the time and they took 5 years of support away from me) Why we have no idea.
In a matter of moments we went from "burying him under the jail" to all charges dropped.. WTF?
My mother and I drove home in shock... after I almost went to jail for coming across the table to choke this man... what happened when he sent us into the courtroom? Who got to him?
This turns out to be the very same Robert Levy who now is the DA and he ran as fast as he could to recuse himself and protect the DA's office from prosecution by filing some garbage paperwork. Then the JOKE that is the Louisiana "Justice" Department stepped in and drug out the statute of limitations so we were not given the RIGHT to sue for wrongful death.

So what you see in my blogs is just the tip of the iceberg. This story would make for a great movie someday. No one believe it was fact. but it is every painful bit of it.

This man even seduced a young girl who I considered as my own daughter and drove a wedge between us. Hell, he even talked to her BEFORE ME, after Heather died and has never to this day told me how our daughter came to be at his home so far from anyone she knew and die...

He knew how to hurt me by taking people I love away from me, he did it when I was young with my friends and continued to do it when he could.

By taking Heather he did the ultimate hurt because I still have to live every day without her.

I seem to be rambling on now and I apologize. This is just so baffling to me and I am wondering just how much longer do I have to fight and beg for some help?

25+ years and counting but I will never give up, I just get tired

Someone must listen... I can not be the only one out here fucked over by Rapides Parish and DHS in both Mississippi and Louisiana...

Heather deserved her money and why should it just disappear, like it was never owed?
It is now a part of her Estate.. he OWES her!

When he was served to show up to hear the disposition of her life insurance, his attorney (Judge Lee) sent a letter wanting to know HOW MUCH $$$$...was involved...we declined to answer & he didn't show up.. typical
This is the very same day we went to LA to get the dog & the rest of her belongings. He actually stole the little bit of money out of HR's purse... We demanded it be returned all $5 and change...
How can you STEAL from the DEAD?

Now I get this CHILD, who I believe is his sister's daughter trying to tell me she was so close to Heather and even called her "REY" !
Come on.. Everyone who knows HR knew she had 5 names but "Rey" wasn't one of them. Then she proceeds to tell me to "Apologize to her father and take down this mess"... ROFLMAO!
This man is a MURDERER...
I will never apologize for trying to make him held accountable for taking away the one thing that meant the most to me and He's been doing it my entire life...

Now I find he is trying to get a military medical discharge and banking on Retirement... IF so I WANT HEATHER'S MONEY and this time he can't hide his earnings away...

Can anyone help me figure out HOW to get a judgement enforced?

Myspace Comments from Candycomments.com

Lantern Floating Hawaii - Memorial Day

Lantern Floating Hawaii - Memorial Day

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where do you get Public Domain Videos?

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I know they are out there...
GO to

I am interested in how “they” obtained the video of the cop in Ball, La letting Richard McNair go.

See, my daughter was murder by a Rapides sheriff deputy and they claimed at the time there were no cameras in the cars. I need to find the videos of when my daughter was with that patrol officer. He put her into his patrol car and drove her to die.
Please help me find a way to get those videos, there should be at least 4

1. Sept 17, 2005@aprox: 0400 Fight at trailer with 2 off duty DEPUTIES and the on duty cop made her go with her "father" about 10 minutes later:
2: Sept 17, 2005 @ aprox: 0530 he (same cop) (Wayne Clark) found her FLAGGING TRAFFIC to get out of town, and the truck was in the ditch. My ex went running across the street and my daughter is still trying to get a ride away from these men.
3:The police officer placed my daughter in his PATROL CAR and takes her to my ex's home even after her telling him she did NOT WANT TO BE WITH HIM. ("She jerked the wheel sending them into the ditch")
*I have been told that routinely they turn the camera around when they have someone in the car... The officer admits to a conversation with HR while they drove, where is that VIDEO?
4: September 18, 2005: MY DAUGHTER WAS FOUND DEAD
at the foot of the bed between a dresser, fully clothed in what we believe to be the same clothes she was wearing on FRIDAY.. This was now Sunday morning at 10am ( Carl Bordelon was the responding officer to the house)

Footnote: a 10 year old went into this room on 3 dif occasions, around 0700, 0730 and again around 1000; claiming she wouldn't get up, yet her face and hands were covered in blood, she's in the floor.
The carpet even had blood on it & he thought nothing of it and walked away to watch cartoons beside his "sleeping" father...

This has been a cover up since the very beginning. So much more in my other blog above...
I will be posting this they too, sorry if you get it twice.

Much LOVE & warmest, brightest LIGHT,


PLEASE HELP ME FIND THE VIDEOS!!! I know they are out there...

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook Ads... real? or real SCAM?

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After careful consideration and much reading of the NEW & IMPROVED new terms and conditions bla bla blah on Facebook ads
I have deleted my ad and just so that they can't say they run the ad another 7 days I paused it for the last week immediately after they charged my cc $2.37 so there has been no activity on the account for a week so off with it's HEAD!
More people need to come over to our new network and hang out

Thanks for coming over to our new network.
The Justice For Heather-Renee’s Skarina Network

Myspace Comments
Thanks Comments
Myspace Comments - Upload Photos

You can use this much like the others, add applications and friends, Make groups, and even chat.
Please ask you friends to come join us and help at the same time.
Please be sure and add the group! Please sign the petition also, there is a link at the top of the page.
Make a profile badge and add it to your other pages.

Thanks again for helping us in this fight to be heard.

Myspace Comments
Thanks Comments
Myspace Comments - Upload Photos

Warmest Love & Light,

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Justice For HR!

Friday, February 6, 2009

My note to Ms Darnell Goss

This woman husband was gunned down in a motel room by a POLICE OFFICER at point blank range and they did no investigation claiming, they thought someone else was doing it...

Ms Darnell,
I want to express my deepest sincerest sympathies for your loss and the horrible manner in which it happened. I too have been a victim of RPSD and The Ball PD, They too are involved into so many coverups they are busier than a cat in sand. My daughter was murdered by one of thier deputies although not by gun but by drugs, all of them his and 2 calls prior to RPSO & Ball PD and still they put my beautiful 22 year old daugther in a patrol car and drove her away to die at the hands of the very man she was begging to get away from twice in the same night, then less than 24 hours later she was dead.... and no time of death??
You are a stronger woman than I, I will never give this up anyone, this is my fight and I will win this time. He will be held accountable, some day there will be a brave soul to take this on and help us to find answers to why my baby is dead. I will keep you in my thoughts. Sad when the real criminals are wearing a badge and have deep FAMILY TIES... watch out for the good ole boys... they cover each others asses for generations.
With Warmest love & light,
GOOGLE: Heather-Renee' Skarina
Leyona | Homepage | Thursday 05 February 2009 - 20:26:42 | #

More corruption in Alexandria, La

Gannette Refused to Publish the OBITUARY of a GIRL who DIED in BALL, LA THEY OWN THE PAPER and we even contacted them, THE MANAGING EDITOR NO LESS: They are only going to protect those with the money... For 3 years they have promised a story, we sent them 600 pages of documentation of lies, coverups and inconsistancies, yet they felt this wasn't NEWS WORTHY, why ? Even when others pass away in another state they ALWAYS print an obit... they didn't even print a on line bio:
Mississippi Girl found dead in Sherrif Deputy's home>>>>> HMMMM? No investigation, No crime? She begged them people to get her out of there and when they did it was in a body bag... Gannette won't touch my story, unfortunatly because they are just as guilty of cover it up as the next. So CNN and Nacey Grace were shots in the dark, You really think Nancy Grace who is OWNED by CNN who is OWNED by Gannette is going to bother with me? or our fight? It's gonna take much more than GANNETTE to keep me down, I will find someone and it will be a GOOD DAY!
Leyona | Homepage | Friday 06 February 2009 - 13:15:19 | #


He works for Gannett and he is criticizing bloggers? Gannett wouldn't know a real news story if it walked up and kicked them in the ass. They are all fluff.
Jim | Homepage | Friday 06 February 2009 - 13:54:42 | #


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we saw that...: the strange death of heather-renee' sarah skarina skeen

we saw that...: the strange death of heather-renee' sarah skarina skeen

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have our very own NETWORK!

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Please come join our New Network of friends.
Together may we find the right people to help us get answers and Justice.

The Justice for Heather-Renee' Skarina Network

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Move has Begun...

Eventually I will be posting everything here. All documents and the crime scene photos. I will hide them so that you will have to click on a link to go to them so not to offend some of you who wish not to remember her in that way Or shock those un suspecting folks who happen upon my pages.

So for the next few days I will be working on this.


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